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they're in my skin and my bones;

[423], Tennessee
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'67 impalas, alien blasts, andy brown/doc abbott love, anything in davidboreanaz's pants, ballet flats, bitcas, blowing bubbles, buffy summers, calpernia addams, coffee, dallas green, dane cook's lisp, echo will kick yourbutt, envy on the coast, gays, get the jelly twat!, gilmore girls, jeffreydeanmorgan in my bed, journalism, kissing jacob black, listening to cityandcolour, little tommy q, love triangles, lvad wires, macs, nicole richie, peyton sawyer, pumpkin spice fraps, road trips, ron and hermione love, rory/jess kisses, sam winchester, saying "btw", season one!colin hart, seattle grace hospital, stabbing jaws, steven strait, supernatural, tattoos, the concert going experience, the sons of ipswich, triple h, tv on dvd, wolfram and hart, working out like whoa, writing-notes-in-the-margins-of-books, x5-494